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Awake: A Participation Play for Children By Hilary Goldman and Kevin McAuley

Directed by Hilary Goldman
Saturday, November 11th and 18th
Performances at noon and 2:00 p.m.

Tickets: $6.00

We're thrilled to announce another Theater for Children production penned by the same creative team that brought us last season's The Great Christmas Tree and Cinderella, or A Godmother's Tale. This fall, however, they're spinning a different classic fairy tale on its head: Sleeping Beauty!

Princess Rose has just risen from a 100-year long nap. Now she's up, well-rested, and ready to take the world by storm! Or, at least that was the plan. Rose quickly realizes that everyday tasks like cleaning her room, doing chores, and going to school are nothing compared to the endless adventures and excitement of her amazing dreams.

And so, she sets out on a mission: become re-enchanted and hit the proverbial hay! With the help of her fairy godmothers, a mysterious sorceress, and a few new friends along the way, Rose puts everything on the line to accomplish her goal. But she might just realize that some adventures are worth getting out of bed for.

Join us for this interactive, family-friendly adventure, filled with participation opportunities for kids that can be done from their seats or onstage! Appropriate for children ages 2–10.

Make your reservations now by emailing Theater for Children with your name, number of tickets and date and time of the performance you wish to see.