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Auditions for Neil Simon's "The Gingerbread Lady": February 7th

The Heights Players announces open auditions for all roles for our May production of George M!

The production is being directed by Thomas N. Tyler. Musical Director is David Fletcher. Choreographers are Cait Farrell and Sean Dearing. Stage Manager is Marialana Ardolino.

Auditions will take place at The Heights Players, 26 Willow Place, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

Monday, March 5th and Tuesday, March 6th

7:00pm for Kids Roles
8:00pm for Adult Roles

Kids must be signed by 6:45pm in order to be seen. Adults must be signed in by 8:30pm.
Anyone 17 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

No appointments necessary. Headshot and resume are preferred, but not required to audition.

Callbacks will be held by invitation on Wednesday, March 7th.

Audition Requirements:
Needed are all ages and types of performers - actors, singers, dancers (both tap and non-tap) and kids. See the Character Breakdown below.

You will be asked to sing sixteen bars of a Cohan song. See list below for preferred choices:

George - “I’m A Yankee Doodle Dandy” - try also to familiarize yourself with as many of his songs in the show as possible as you may asked to sing any of these.

Jerry - “Harrigan”

All other men - “Give My Regards To Broadway”.

Women - Sopranos and lyric mezzos should prepare “Mary’s A Grand Old Name”. Belters may choose “Billie”, “Oh You Wonderful Boy” or “45 Minutes From Broadway”. If you are primarily interested in ensemble - “Give My Regards To Broadway” or “Yankee Doodle Dandy” are fine.

Kids - “Give My Regards To Broadway”

Familiarize yourself with the attached monologues. You will be asked to read at least one.

Everyone will be taught a simple movement routine. Dancers will be given more advanced combinations, both tap and jazz. Not all dancers have to tap. Bring appropriate footwear - tap and character.

Rehearsal and Production Dates:
Rehearsals begin Sunday, March 11th, and are generally Sunday through Thursday evenings. Click here to view the tentative rehearsal schedule. Please bring any conflict dates with you to the audition. 

The production runs from May 11th through the 27th, with performances on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. (6:30 p.m. call) and Sundays at 2 p.m (12:30 p.m. call). Thursday, May 17th and 24th are mandatory brush-up rehearsals, which will begin at 7:30pm.

About George M!:
The show tells the story of George M. Cohan , the famous American showman, who gave us such famous tunes as "Yankee Doodle Dandy," "Give My Regards To Broadway, Over There and You’re A Grand Old Flag.

Character Breakdown:

George M. Cohan - Showman extraordinaire - strong triple threat including tap - tour de force role - onstage 99% of the show - George must be able to portray pushy, brash and obnoxious but also charming and loveable - must be able to play 20 and age to 60 at the end of the show. Stamina of utmost importance - Involved in twenty musical numbers

Jerry Cohan - George’s father - old school song and dance man - strong tap - charming Irish American - patient and understanding with his son, gets frustrated when trying to convince George of the right way to handle things - loving and caring father - Several vocal solos plus Four Cohan numbers

Nellie Cohan - George’s mother - seasoned vaudevillian - strong tap - like her husband Jerry, has strong family values - wants everything for her children - Several solos plus Four Cohan numbers

Josie Cohan - George’s sister - Dainty June, June Allyson, Ginger Rogers and Bernadette Peters rolled into one- the epitome of the old fashioned ingenue dancer/singer - strong tap - several vocal solos as well as appearing with the Four Cohans

Ethel Levey - George’s first wife - sensitive ingenue type - wants more out of life than just the theatre- leaves George because of these wants - strong singer - some movement (3 songs)

Agnes Nolan - George’s second wife - meets George when auditioning for one of his shows - understands George’s needs and sticks by him - strong singer - moves well - tap helpful but not necessary (3 songs)

Sam Harris - George’s business partner - tries to keep him leveled - movement helpful - appears in Act Two - will double in ensemble in Act One (2 songs)

Fay Templeton - Gorgeous temperamental Broadway diva - sings the fabulous “Mary’s A Grand Old Name” - appears in Act Two - will double in ensemble in Act One

FEATURED SINGING ROLES (all have solos and will also double in ensemble)
Rose - Fay’s scene stealing, wise cracking maid - strong belter (1 solo - 1 featured)
Ma Templeton - Fay’s corker of a mother (1 solo)
Secretary - Office worker who dreams of stardom (1 solo)
Little Girl - Obnoxious messenger (1 solo)
Nora Bayes - Vaudeville star, introduces “Over There” (2 solos)
Freddie - Fay’s manager (1 solo)
Sophie Tucker - Vaudevillian belter (1 solo)
Gallagher and Shean - Vaudeville song and dance team (1 duet)
Eddie Foy - Vaudevillian - father of seven kids (1 solo)

CHARACTER ROLES (will possibly double in ensemble - will probably play several roles)
Walt - Young stage manager - extremely patient and polite until George pushes his buttons
Louis Behman - Brash vaudeville producer - discourages George from his big dreams
Kaufman - A Broadway director - tries to avoid confrontation with George
Madame Grimaldi - Flamboyant over the top boarding house owner with a past as an exotic dancer
EF Albee - Producer - Man of few words
Marie - Actress - leader of strike
Other Character Roles: Wilbur (stagehand); Archie (band leader); Red Deer (Grimaldi’s assistant); Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Baker (neighbors) Ben, Louise and Frieda (members of Cohan’s show staff); Mayor, Alderman, Judge and Congressman (politicians); Assorted stars, writers, composers, etc.

KIDS ROLES (Age 8 - 17)
There are a number of featured and ensemble roles for both boys and girls including two little girls, two kids, three young Georges of various ages, young Josie, Seven Little Foys, Cohan Kids, etc. as well dancers and singers

All types, ages and abilities are needed. Dancers(both tap and non; Singers, There are a number of specialty bits including Vaudeville Performers, Musicians, Lead Dancers, Acrobats, Comic bits, etc. BIG ENSEMBLE SHOW

The Heights Players is a non-paying, non-equity organization.
There is a $20 membership fee if cast.