Our 61st season promises to be thoroughly engaging and over the summer we will be getting a new floor for the John Bourne Theater's stage! There will be lots happening behind the scenes, but to all our actor friends, auditions are going strong for this new season, two shows are already cast and now our third show is gearing up! Our November production will audition on September 11 and 12. Summer is never really that quiet, is it?


It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Lois Look, longtime supporter, friend and performer at The Heights Players. Lois died on August 15, 2015, while vacationing at her summer home in Maine. The Heights Players held a memorial event in honor of Lois on Sunday, November 8th.

Born in New Jersey, Lois received her theatrical training at Yale School of Drama, attending at the same time as Henry Winkler and Daniel J. Travanti. She was a long time Brooklyn Heights resident and worked for a time as a real estate agent. She and her husband Stephen deFluiter operated the Jubilee Gallery on Henry Street and for several years ran their own theater company, the Brooklyn Heights Repertory Company. She also wrote several plays.

Lois began performing at the Heights Players in the 1970s and served for several years on the Executive Committee as Play Reading Chair and script writer for several Galas.

Her acting credits at our theater were numerous, ranging from dramas, mysteries and comedies, to musicals and children's theater productions. Her most recent roles were the psychiatrist in Miracle On 34th Street and the matriarch, Fanny Cavendish, in The Royal Family. Others roles in her list of forty-plus appearances at the Heights Players included such favorites as Adult Jean Louise in To Kill A Mockingbird, Claire in The Visit, Billie Dawn in Born Yesterday and Ouisa in Six Degrees of Separation.

On behalf of the entire Heights Players Community, we extend our deepest sympathy to her husband Steve, her family and friends.


With great sadness, The Heights Players reports the passing of its founding member John Bourne on Friday, January 9, 2015.

John Bourne was one of the founding members of the Heights Players. In 1956, a small group of people interested in theater held its first meeting as the Heights Players. John Bourne was at that meeting and from that moment on, he was committed to the organization. His legacy with the Heights Players will never be matched and the organization celebrated this legacy in 2012 by naming the theater after him and bestowing the title of President Emeritus on him, on the occasion of his retirement from the Board of Directors.

John served as President of the Heights Players for twenty years, from 1968-1989. He then remained on the Board of Directors as Member At Large from 1989-2012. His love of theater went far beyond having a leadership role in the group, as he also directed 46 plays, assistant directed five, produced six and acted in numerous productions over the course of 54 seasons. Many audience members more fondly recall his great service as the house manager of 247 plays.

In November 2014 the Heights Players community gathered to celebrate Johnís 90th birthday during an eveningís performance of The Boys From Syracuse.

There will never be another John Bourne Ö he was one of a kind and he made the Heights Players what it is today.  

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